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Custom personalized candies and favors for your special event or business marketing needs!


Custom personalized candies, wrappers and labels for your special events, fundraisers, holidays and business marketing needs!

At the Barn


At the Barn


At the Barn

from 15.00

This design can be used for any occasion or event!

The text, text colors, fonts, and border color can all be personalized.

Please fill in the form at checkout with your options!

Note your font styles and color choices before adding to the cart.

You will receive a draft of your custom design by email for your approval. Once your design is approved and the order is accepted it will be shipped within 7-10 days and tracking information provided.

Please order 2-3 weeks in advance from your date needed.

This design is available in the following products:

     Favor Pack - Wrappers Only - $40 the favor pack consist of 10 of each of the following: Large bars wrappers, miniatures wrappers, breathsaver wrappers, mint matchbook wrappers and tea bag wrappers. ONE design choice per favor pack.
    Hershey Miniatures completed with Candy - $35 for 50
    Large Bars wrapper only - $15 for 15
    Hershey Miniatures wrapper only - $20 for 50
    Breathsaver wrapper only - $17 for 20
    Matchbook Mints wrapper only - $20 for 50
    Tea Bag Favors wrapper only - $17 for 20

Our wrappers are sized to fit the following products. If you use them for other candies we cannot guarantee a proper fit

    Large bars = Hershey individual 1.55oz bars
    Minis = Hershey assorted miniatures
    Breathsaver = Breathsaver rolls in wintergreen and/or pepomint
    Mint Matchbooks = Lifesaver Individually wrapped mints
    Tea Bag = Lipton individually wrapped tea bags

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